Need to review your food label for compliance?

Product labels are not just a means of attracting consumer attention; they are a company’s primary means of informing and assuring consumers of the quality, safety, origin, healthfulness, value and compliance of their products. The challenge in designing food labels is to optimize their combined attraction and communication value to ensure both consumer engagement and acceptance. One should not take from the other and ideally both should work together to deliver even greater consumer appeal. While this requires considerable creativity, food labelling is a highly regulated area and is becoming increasingly stringent and prescriptive of what is and is not legally acceptable.

Check your label

Did you check your label?

On December 13th 2014 the ‘General Labelling Directive’ (Council Directive 2000/13/EC) was replaced by the new Food Information to Consumers regulation (EU REG 1169/2011) known as ‘FIC’ or ‘FIR’. This new regulation applies to ‘businesses at all stages of the food chain where their activities concern the provision of food information to consumers’ [FSAI, July 2012] in Ireland and throughout Euorpe. This means all pre-packaged food products will have to be re-labelled to include the twelve mandatory particulars of the regulation in the minimum font size.

Keeping on top of such regulatory changes, understanding them and applying them in practice presents a challenge to many food companies. This is where we can help.

Is your product label FIC compliant?

Our Food Label Review Service:

Post or Email me a copy of your labels. I will review your current food labels, determine their regulatory compliance status and, where required, propose amendments to make them FIC compliant.


Themis Food Advisory will be happy to review your food labels.

For more details on FIC see my blog.