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The food industry is experiencing unprecedented regulatory compliance and consumer acceptance challenges at the present time. Issues such as food security, food safety, nutritional value, traceability, adulteration and authenticity are increasingly subject to National and International regulation. Consumers are demanding greater transparency and accountability from food producers, suppliers and retailers with respect to these issues. Many food companies, especially SME’s lack sufficient in-house expertise to keep abreast of developments in food regulation; thereby undermining their ability to comply and compete effectively. Themis Food Advisory addresses this skills and service gap and offers food companies advice on current and pending regulations and how to achieve compliance. Our services include the following:

ThemisLABELSM Product Label review

ThemisCLAIMSM Nutrition and Health claim development

ThemisSOLVESM Compliance gap analysis and resolution

Customised research reports on:

–    Food Additives

–    Nutrition and health claims

–    Foods for particular nutritional uses (PARNUTS)

–    Food supplements

–    Flavourings

–    Novels foods

–    Genetically modified food and food ingredients

Feasibility Studies, Guidance documents, Codes of practice, Planned and proposed legislation.


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