Nutrition & Health Claims

What claims can I display on my product label?

Increasingly consumers are looking for more information and assurance regarding the healthfulness and nutritional value of food products. Provision of such information is strictly regulated and must meet stringent conditions of presentation and substantiation.

Health Claim Wordle1A nutrition claim is any claim, which states, suggests or implies that a food has particular nutritional properties.

A health claim is any statement about a relationship between food and health e.g. ‘reducing blood cholesterol’

Themis Food Advisory provides advice on the steps needed to prepare a nutrition or health claim submission. This service includes:

  • A literature review of all the available scientific evidence to determine if the health (or nutrition) claim is substantiated.
  • A review of the evidence provided by the food company in support of their application.
  • Oversight of clinical trial design and sourcing of expertise to carry out trials (if in-house scientific evidence is inadequate)
  • Preparation of manuscripts necessary to support Nutrition & Health claim submissions.

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